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Here's an example of a Wisdom Quote and Reflection
Questions from Volume Two:

"When one door closes, another opens, but it's hell in the hallway."

Boy do we hate change. Before recovery I had few tools or healthy ways of dealing with change. If something ended in my life, it often felt like the end of my life. Once I entered the hallway, it was dark indeed.

As I worked through my program of recovery, I learned many valuable life lessons. The first was 'One day at a time.' Although seemingly simple, this reminds me that I can do anything just for today, and get through it if I keep my focus on today. The hallway doesn't look so long or so dark when I do this.

Perhaps the biggest lesson I learned is that "This, too, shall pass." No matter how bad things are, or what is happening, it too will pass and things will change. And with change will come new openings, new opportunities, and new beginnings.

Today when one door closes, I have the tools to deal with the hallway while I wait and watch for the new doors to open.

And the Reflection Questions for this quote:

  • How do I currently deal with the hallway?

  • What tools do I use to keep myself focused on today?

  • When I’m deep in the hallway, am I able to remember that this, too, will pass?

  • What experiences can I draw on to remind me that new doors do indeed open?

  • Do I now embrace change and recognize it as the force of renewal and release that it is?


Praise for “The Wisdom of the Rooms: A Year of Weekly Reflections,
Volume Two”

"When the monkey in my brain starts chattering, I often ask it, 'On what authority are you telling me this?'  We'll now I have an authority to counter with..... "The Wisdom of the Rooms."  Thanks for your gift to us all Michael.

Gary Stromberg, author of The Harder They Fall: Celebrities Tell Their Real-Life Stories of Addiction and Recovery

"Wisdom of the Rooms, Volume Two is filled with wise and steadfast inspirational quotes that can only be found in the rooms of our 12 Step fellowships.  Michael’s ability to write his own personal experiences as it relates to each quote is uncanny.  The questions that follow are easy to comprehend and will challenge the reader to discover more of him or herself in a way that is detailed and yet simple.

Wisdom is unlike any book on recovery I have ever read.  It is a must for anyone that wishes to continue their recovery, including the family and friends of the recovering individual."

Monty D. Meyer
Executive Producer KHLT Recovery Broadcasting

"Just love this book… Filled with gems, the gems that get me through another 24 hours of sobriety, and the words that drift into my consciousness when I am waiting for the answers to come...Thank God for the wisdom of the rooms ...Where would we all be without them..."

Steve A.
Sober Vacations International

"Wisdom of the Rooms has meant so much to me.  With the hectic pace of my life, sometimes I find myself not able to make a meeting when I need one. My weekly wisdom quote helps remind me of my true purpose and keeps me centered at times when I need it most.  The book, also, is a great tool to help me along my spiritual path.  I can't wait for volume two!"

Doug D.

"Michael Z’s beautiful book The Wisdom of The Rooms found it’s way into my life just recently.  With each turn of the page I found myself graced with such wisdom and love that my dwindling faith is definitely on the mend. There are quite a number of books about these days that offer insightful advice and instruction yet they don’t speak to your soul as The Wisdom of the Rooms does. "

Mary E., artist, educator

"There are no words to describe how empowering and nurturing your daily messages are. Every message is exactly what I need to be reminded of on the day it arrives - and for that I feel truly blessed.  This journey is not always easy - and I tend to forget the "main idea" from time to time - however, the wisdom that comes to me daily feel as if it has been delivered on the wings of an angel! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the efforts you go through to make a difference."

With gratitude and appreciation,

"Just wanted to let you know how much the weekly quotes have been useful to the people I work with.  I am an Addiction Therapist with the Veterans Affairs Health Administration.  There have many times that I have taken a quote into a therapy group to use as a topic generator, only to find that it hit right on the issues on the minds of the group members on that day.  The Veterans in our residential program often find they can relate to the QUOTE OF THE WEEK from THE WISDOM OF THE ROOMS.  I have suggested this to my fellow therapists as well.  Thank you for providing such an inspiring and useful tool for people in recovery."

James T. Hall, M.S. NCC
Addiction Therapist

"We as Pastors go through so many things and it is comforting to read passages that give you peace in your spirit. My God Daughter emailed your quotes to me to read and I downloaded it for myself to start reading every Monday.  It’s a pleasure to be able to read something uplifting and that places a smile on my face."

Thank you, Pastor GM Washington

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