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"Steps for Recovery" reviews: The Wisdom of the Rooms

      The Wisdom of the Rooms A year of Weekly Reflections by Michael Z (by Palm Tree Press $14.95.) The author of this handy, dandy, compendium is Michael Z . Michael has compiled a book that has a different quote on each page for every week of the year.  Most of these spiritual jewels are from the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous. Under each quote, Michael shares a story or a thought that illuminates or expounds on the above quote. His writing is very down to earth and direct.

      He is humble and gracious. What I like most about this book is that on the right side of each page he poses questions that correspond with the quote and story on the left side. These reflections are provocative and compelling. There is an empty space; several blank lines after each reflection, which gave me the impetus to want to reflect right there on the page. It makes the book feel like a work book and the questions he poses are specific and original  Consciously or not, they tend to follow the template of uncover, discover and recover. They address problems, symptoms and solutions. The reflections are challenging and that is a great touchstone for growth. This book made me want to dive deeper into my own recovery and at the same time I found the book to be comforting. His book is read and loved by people in and out of the rooms. If you go to his website and sign up you can receive a quote every Monday.

Reviewed by Lori Ada Jaroslow
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